designer / front end developer / mountain biker


My name is Harry Borrelli. I earned a degree in Graphic Design and Digital Media, but have since transitioned into a Front End Developer. With a background in design and passion for front-end engineering, I thrive in a collaborative setting with a goal of building clean and efficient interfaces for users. My experience in design allows me to help bridge the gap between designers and developers while understanding the constraints on both ends. I enjoy creative challenges and rely on test driven development to build solid applications.

Among learning new skills, I am passionate about sharing the knowledge that I do have and helping others to grow as well. I am passionate about traveling, adventuring and learning new things. I am a sushi and mountain bike addict. Some other hobbies of mine include skateboarding, snowboarding and surfing.

Check out my travel blog below for a glimpse into a year I spent travleing and adventuring!

photo of me


Harry Borrelli