June 10th - 13th


Down in the Bayou

New Orleans

After leaving Tallahassee, my next destination was New Orleans! Rich with culture and history, this city has so much to offer. From some of the best Oysters I've ever had to the craziness of Bourbon Street, New Orleans was definitely a good time! As soon as I arrived in New Orleans, I rode my bike alongside the Levee that follows along side the Mississippi River and caught a beautiful sunset over the river. This trail offers a nice scenic view.

I was lucky enough to have a personal tour guide and a free place to stay with my cousin in Jefferson, Thanks, Iliaura! Although going deep sea fishing cut my time in New Orleans short, I still managed to enjoy myself in NOLA. Definitely a place I will visit again!

Me on Bourbon Street Delished Oysters from ACME Oyster House Sunset over the Missippi River

Hacienda Alegria

Having lots of connections makes traveling so much better! I went to visit a friend&s ranch about an hour north of New Orleans. I had a blast at the Alegria Ranch! They have a ton of animals at the ranch including horses, mini-horses, goats & mini-goats, an Alpaca, 3 dogs, a bunch of chickens, 3 roosters, a Pot Bellied pig named Luca, and many more! Meeting all of the animals, riding ATVs on trails on the property, and getting to experience some awesome cajun food were just a few of the highlights! Hanging out at the ranch was a blast! Thank you, Juliette!

Hacienda Alegria Riding the ATVs Big ol' Rooster Mini Horses