August 18th - August 21st


The Evergreen State


Unfortunately my time in Seattle was also cut short. I didn’t manage to do everything I wanted while I was there, but had a blast nonetheless! I was able to score another Couchsurfing gig with a cool chick who showed me around Gig Harbor, a little town just southwest of Seattle. The next day was Friday, which was the start of Seattle’s Hempfest, which meant every Hostel and Couchsurfing host was booked. In search of place to stay, I met up with a huge Couchsurfing event with about 40 people. They organized a bonfire on the beach and then karaoke afterwards. The beach bonfire was a blast, and karaoke was even better. It was extremely entertaining watching everyone do their best drunken versions of their favorite songs. By the time I arrived everyone was wasted and I had no luck finding a place to crash. I ended up sleeping in a Walmart parking lot that night. It wasn’t the most comfortable arrangement, but it was better than nothing! The following day, I went up to the Sky View, which is similar to the Space Needle, but twice the height and half the price. It was definitely worth it! With no crowds, and the best view of the city, I would definitely recommend it. Seattle is a very cool city and I hope to go back and explore some more!

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