CD Packaging and Website


HTML 5 // CSS // jQuery // Photoshop // Illustrator

This is the CD package and album design of one of my favorite hip hop artists, Atmosphere. This project includes a unique packaging for a 20th year anniversary album consisting of some of my favorite tracks. As well as a lyric booklet with illustrations, t-shirts, beanies, and a poster. The website is used as a promotion for the album.

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Atmosphere Website

Atmosphere CD / Package Design

The CD package contains a foldable CD case, the CD and the lyric booklet. The CD foldable contains information about how the group began and where they drew some of their lyrical inspiration from.

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Lyric Book

Atmosphere’s lyrics are very descriptive and lyrical. Each song provides the listener with strong imagery. Much of Slug’s (Sean Daley) lyrics discuss relationship issues between parents, ex-girlfriends, and trying to stay positive. I chose to render my favorite imagery from his various tracks to create a “Greatest Hits” album.

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Interior Lyric’s Spread

CD Foldable

The CD packaging consists of a foldable CD case. This CD case features a unique way to present the CD as well as providing real estate for information about the group. Featured content includes history of the group, forms of inspiration, how the group started, and where they are today.

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CD foldable Open


The album package also includes a t-shirt and a poster promoting the album. The package would offer different options for t-shirt designs (See website Gear Section for imagery). The poster features song lyrics in the shape of an anchor.

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T-Shirt // Album Poster