Location Based Mentor Search App


Photoshop // Illustrator // HTML 5 // CSS // jQuery

MentorMe is an educational app that connects students and mentors locally. This app is appropriate for students ranging anywhere from 1st grade through college level. MentorMe prides itself on safety as well by requiring extensive background checks for all future mentors. This app can be used by students, guardians and parents with several children allow the convenience of adding multiple accounts to help maintain organization.

app screen
MentorMe Loading Screen

Responsive Website

The web component is focused on promoting MentorMe. It showcases the app’s usability and functions. The website is also a place for hopeful mentors to apply and have the feature for students to make payments, aside from the app itself.

responsive mockup
Tablet and Mobile Friendly

App Screens

Parents or Guardians have the ability to manage mulitple student account's. The student profile allows the user to search for mentor, schedule a meeting and pay for a session.

screen screen
Students // Student Profile

The calendar page has two functions. Aside from acting as a calendar and planner, students have the ability to view upcoming meetings. From the homepage, students can make a payment which can be accessed through the app’s website as well.

screen screen
Schedule // Payments

Through this app, students have the opportunity to search for local mentors in their area by scheduling tutoring sessions in a variety of subjects while paying with just a tap of a finger. While searching for mentors, the user will be given different subjects to choose from.

screen screen
Mentor Searching

After selecting the desired subject, the user will see a list of mentors in the area. Users are able to search through mentor’s profile to find the perfect mentor.

screen screen
Mentor Search // Mentor Request

Once a mentor is chosen and requested, students can proceed to schedule meetings. Mentors will post available scheduling times. This offers students a flexible schedule that works for you. MentorMe pre-approves locations that are deemed acceptable to host mentoring sessions. These include local libraries, coffee shops, and etc.

screen screen screen
Schedule // Meeting // Location