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Clipless is an off-road cycling guide to Florida’s trails. It features bike and trail reviews, race results, and highlights upcoming events and news.

Clipless Cover
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This issue features a bike review, race results and photography from the 8 Hours of Labor, Gone Riding Event in Alachua, Fl. Most the photogrpahy was captured by me from the race.

Clipless cover and TOC Spread

The table of contents page has teasers for regular articles as well as feature articles. It provides users with images from articles as well as page numbers. One of the regular articles is called “Test Ride” and each issure is a review of a different bike. It discusses the componentry and overall feel of the bike.

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Table of Contents // Test Ride

The 8 Hours of Labor event put on by Gone Riding was a race in Alachua, Fl. that I competed in. This article features my photography which were fortunately better than my results. The opening spread features a photo of the start of the race.

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8 Hours of Labor Article

The interior spread features photos from the race, results and final standings. It even offers a little glimpse at the beautiful wildlife often encountered on Florida’s trails.

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8 Hours of Labor Interior Spread