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Rhino Exhibit Re-Design

Rhino Exhibit Re-Design

InDesign // Photoshop // Photography // Illustration

This group project worked with the Jacksonville Zoo to help re-design the Rhino Exhibit as well as promote for a Bowling for Rhinos Campaign. The Bowling for Rhinos Campaign is an event held to help raise awareness about Rhino preservation as well as inform about Umbrella Species. Our goal was to make the exhibit more informative and engaging.

Entrance to the exhibit
Rhino Exhibit Entrance

Rhino Wall

The before and after of the main wall section in the exhibit. By removing the bench we are able to place a life-sized cutout of a rhino. The life size cutout has sliding doors that hide or reveal facts about the rhinos. This life size cutout offers viewers the ability to get an idea of scale in comparing them selves to the size of a rhino upclose. This section can act as a photo oportunity, as well as an informative installation.

Wall Before
Wall After

Binocular Stand

To bring more attention to the binocular stand and increase use, we incoporated an interactive sign that lists all the animals in the exhibit, and prompts viewers to spot each one. With this being a large exhibit often times the animals are far from the viewing area. This promotes the use of the binocular stand.

binocular stand before
Binocular Stand Before
binocular stand after
Binocular Stand After

Umbrella Species

This interactive sign discusses what Umbrella Species are and prompts viewers to spot all four of the animals within the exhibit. The game is conveniently placed so that if some of the animals are too far away to see, the binoculars are there for closer look.

umbrella species game
Umbrella Species Interactive Sign

Binocular Stand Display

After doing research, we found that most people did not use the binocular stand for a few common reasons. They did not know how long it lasted, where the proceeds went, or how much the cost was. We solved these promlems by placing the necessary information in the display.

responsive mockup
Binocular Display Info

Exhibit Side Wall

Entering the exhibit from the other direction does not offer any signage or information. To put the space to good use, we encorporated a donation box attached to a motion video discussing the Bowling for Rhinos campaign. There is a wood Cutout of a rhino smashing through bowling pins for added effect. This is also where the Bowling for Rhinos Brochure will be.

binocular stand before
Side Wall Before
binocular stand after
Side Wall After

BFR Brochure

This is the brochure for the Bowling for Rhinos campaign. The brochure offers a couple of facts to the guests as well as offering information for the time, date and location of the next event.

BFR Brochure BFR Brochure
Bowling For Rhinos Brochure

Donation Box / Motion Video

This is the housing we designed for the donation box as well as the motion video. The motion video discusses more about Bowling for Rhinos events, Umbrella Species, and ways that we can help to save the Rhinos.

umbrella species game
Bowling for Rhinos Video Display

Website Re-Design

The new website would offer easier navigation to important information. If would allow the user to jump quickly from section to section with a streamlined navigation.