Plan a ride. Invite some friends. Shred the trails. // React /// Redux


React // Redux // React Testing Library

PedalPlanner is an app I created while enrolled at Turing School of Software and Design. The idea was to build an app that allowed mountain bikers to plan, schedule and invite friends on mountain bike rides. It incorporates a social aspect to planning and going on rides with friends. The app pulls data from MTB project API and allows the user to search trails, plan and invite friends on a mountain bike ride.

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If you want to checkout the app in action, you can use these logins: Username: pedalUser Password: pedalPass

Browser Mockup
PedalPlanner Dashboard


The dashboard displays the users past and upcoming rides. The dashboard also displays metrics from the users past rides and displays charts showing the users distance and elevation climbed.

Website Sketches
PedalPlanner Dashboard

Searching Trails

Users can search for trails in their area by name, location or description, and are shown a "real-time" updated list of trails that match the search query.

Homepage Wireframe
PedalPlanner Search Functionality

Planning Rides

Once the user clicks through to the trail, they are shown information about the trail. The users are able to fill out a form at the bottom to select a date, time, invite friends and leave a message on the event.

Homepage Wireframe
PedalPlanner Trail View

Next Features

Some features that will be built at a later date include: