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WilderNests is a mobile app to find or post dispersed campsites in the United States. Giving adventurous campers peace of mind by providing community vetting in the back country. This app was created with the goal of providing users with a pleasant experience of finding, posting, rating, and reviewing dispersed campsites. Users can upload a photo, add a title, location, description, driving tips and available activities in the area. Users can leave comments and ratings for other campsites. The app makes use of a custom database to store information. You can click here to learn more about the back end.

Browser Mockup

Home Screen

The homescreen displays the buttons to either find or post a dispersed campsite. The users are then shown a map view starting at the users current location. Once users click on a specific campsite, a quickview for the campsite is displayed allowing the user to click into for more details.

WilderNests Home Screen WilderNests Map View WilderNests Quick View

Campsite Details

Once the user has navigated to a specific campsite, they are shown details such as images, a description of the area, driving directions, additional ammenities and activities in the area. The user is also given the ability to comment or rate the campsite.

WilderNests Campsite Details WilderNests Campsite Details WilderNests Campsite Details

Posting a Campsite

Users are givin the ability to add a campsite they've found. Users are able to add Latitude and Longitude Coordinates, a name, description, activities in the area as well as driving tips to help find the location if it's off the beaten path.

Homepage Wireframe Homepage Wireframe

Next Features

Some features that will be built at a later date include: